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Town of West Jefferson, North Carolina

Stormwater Project

May 6, 2024

Dear Offeror:

This is a Request for Qualifications to provide engineering services in connection with the Town of West Jefferson’s Stormwater Project. The Town intends to select a qualified consultant to provide engineering design services, construction administration services and construction observation services.

You are invited to submit a proposal to be received not later than 5:00 PM, June 7, 2024 to Brantley Price, Town Manager, 1 S Jefferson Ave, West Jefferson, NC  28694 or by PDF format to Brantley Price – Town Manager via email [email protected]. Telephone: 336-246-3551. A digital copy of the proposal should be submitted in accordance with the following sections of this Request for Qualifications:

  1. Problem Statement/Scope of Work
  2. Engineering Services
  3. Proposal Content
  4. Submission and Selection Criteria

The Town of West Jefferson will enter into a contract with the Consultant whose statement of qualifications is determined to be the most advantageous to the Town, with a variety of qualification-based factors considered. The method used in the evaluation of the statements of qualifications and selection of the Consultant are set forth in Section E. The Town encourages statements of qualifications from small, minority and female-owned businesses; and does not discriminate based on handicap status.

If you have any questions concerning the Request for Qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brantley Price, Town Manager


Two of West Jefferson’s town-maintained roads, Backstreet and Long Street currently do not have any stormwater infrastructure. As a result, these two roads and the surrounding area experience intermittent flooding during moderate rain events, resulting in overtopping of stormwater along Backstreet, Long Street, and Jefferson Avenue. The project will install approximately 867 linear feet 18-inch diameter high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) with associated catch basins and drainage inlets along Long Street and Backstreet in the vicinity of where the two roads intersect. These pipes will convey the stormwater in a controlled manner down to Jefferson Avenue and tie into existing NCDOT stormwater infrastructure.

The Town is soliciting proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide engineering services for the preliminary design, final design, construction administration and construction observation.

B.            Engineering Services


  1. Basic Design Services. The Engineer will design the site improvements to meet the standards of the Town of West Jefferson and all applicable regulatory authorities. These preliminary and final design services will include, but not be limited to:
  • Perform design survey and initial investigations, coordination with necessary regulatory authorities, prepare preliminary plans and sketches, prepare detailed drawings, technical specifications, bidding documents and contract documents.
  • Submission of plans and specifications to the Town, and all applicable regulatory authorities for review and approval prior to bid advertisement. Resolve, in an expeditious manner, any deficiencies in these documents as may be required by the Town and regulatory agencies.
  • Preparation of contract documents for distribution to bidders which include all addenda, notice and instructions to bidders, model contract agreement, general and supplemental general conditions, technical specifications, and all other compliance forms required by the funding agencies.
  • Construction Administration Services. The Engineer shall provide contract administration services to include, but not be limited to:
  • Placement of notice to bidders and advertisement for bids.
    • Assist with pre-bid meeting.
    • Attend bid opening, tabulate bid proposals, analyze and make recommendations to the Town.
    • Assist with the preparation and execution of the Construction Contracts.
    • Assist with preconstruction conference.
    • Check and approve necessary shop and working drawings.
    • Prepare change orders as may be required.
    • Conduct monthly site visits and progress meetings.
    • Make clarifications and interpret the Construction Contract document.
    • Review and approve estimates for progress and final payment.
    • Hold project closeout conference.


Proposals will be reviewed and after considering factors outlined in Section E, the consulting firm will be selected, subject to negotiation of fair and reasonable compensation. Consultants will be notified by mail of the Town’s selection. Proposals should comply with the North Carolina Mini Brooks Act as well as other applicable North Carolina General Statutes.



Describe the consultant’s approach to accomplishing the objectives stated in the

RFQ and identify methodology proposed. State your assumptions clearly. Include the decisions, products, data and corollary information that the consultant expects to be provided by Town staff.

Work Program Timeline

Include a timeline showing the estimated length of time for completion of the project. Time estimates should be expressed in number of days/weeks without reference to a specific starting date. However, the submission should explain how quickly the consultant would be available to begin the project. The timeline should identify when draft and final work products will be submitted to Town staff.

Target Dates per Golden Leaf

  1. Engineering and Design – 8/31/2024
    1. Bidding and Procurement – 10/31/2024
    1. Permitting – 12/31/2024
    1. Begin Construction – 2/28/2025
    1. Complete Construction – 8/31/2025

Statement of Qualifications and Relevant Experience

Include any related supplemental information concerning key personnel or team experience which may be relevant. Please identify the project manager and principal contact to be assigned to the project.


The proposal shall be signed by an official who is authorized to bind the consulting



List at least three reference clients for whom similar or comparable services have been performed. Include the name, mailing address and telephone number of the primary

contact person.


Fee schedules, including hourly rates for the prime consultant and all sub consultants,

meetings and reproduction costs should be included.

Insurance Requirements

The successful respondent will be required to maintain current insurance for the duration of the project. Insurance policies shall be maintained for Errors and Omissions, General Liability, Automobile, and Workers Compensation.

E.            Submission and Selection Criteria

All proposals will be evaluated by the Town of West Jefferson with a recommendation for a specific firm to be contacted. Selection will be based on the following criteria:

Selection Criteria:

 Relevant Experience                      20%

 Quality of Proposal                         10%

 Team Qualifications                       10%

 Proposed Work Plan                      20%

 Experience with Town                    25%

 Schedule and Fees                        15%

The above information should be submitted no later than Friday June 7, 2024 at 5:00 pm to Brantley Price, Town Manager, Town of West Jefferson, 1 S Jefferson Ave/PO Box 490, West Jefferson, NC or by PDF format to Brantley Price – Town Manager via email [email protected]. For more information contact Brantley Price – 336-246-3551

The Town of West Jefferson is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of proposals from minority and women-owned firms. The Town of West Jefferson invites the submission of proposals from a certified Section 3 business concerns.

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